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New AT&T N1 rooted..couple of quick questions...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Chad H, May 27, 2010.

  1. Chad H

    Chad H Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys,
    Just got my Nexus one in yesterday for AT&T and just love it. I moved from an iPhone because of everything being so closed off. So, I rooted my N1 last night with cyanogen mod and everything is working great. I'm loving the trackball to wake and the other features I have found so far. I just have a couple of questions. Facebook will not load for some reason, no force close just won't update the news feed. I have lost my 3G symbol and not it has a "H" in place of it. Lastly, I downloaded set cpu and noticed it will clock to 1.1Ghz, is this stable? I want to overclock just needed some suggestions on settings. Thanks for any help guys, I'm just getting into the world of Android and its great! :)


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  2. jblazea50

    jblazea50 Well-Known Member

    did you also flash the google addons provided by cyanogen? that may resolve your facebook issue
    "H" symbol is for HSPA or something along those lines, but it shouldn't affect your speed at all
    yes, CM, he is using pershoot's kernel, which is overclocked to 1.1Ghz and it is stable; since you have setCPU installed, you can change the profiles to fit your needs as far as overclocking/underclocking
  3. Euforeik

    Euforeik Member

    I have been having the same problems with my Facebook app also. I am just going to wait this one out. As for the H in place of the 3G it stands for HSPA. You are still connected to 3G. As for the overclock I am not sure.
  4. Chad H

    Chad H Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Is their a way to change it back to "3G"?
  5. i2hi4u

    i2hi4u Newbie

    The H icon means you are connected to hsdpa which is capable of faster speeds than 3g. Att is supposed upgrade their entire network to the higher speed hsdpa which is capable of going up to 15mbit connection. Hopefully we see it soon. Its ATTs answer to the 4g craze going around.
  6. Euforeik

    Euforeik Member

    There might be a way in the spare parts app. I don't think there is an option on Cyanogens mod but in Enoms mod there is a way. Either way you are getting your internet. :)

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  7. Buck Shot

    Buck Shot Well-Known Member

    ya, the H is a good thing...lol and the facebook app was down all yestarday. As i heard. 5.0.7 is OC so enjoy....
  8. crabman

    crabman Well-Known Member

    Wont change your speed so there is no need to get hooked up on the H. The rom is not overclocked stock, cyanogen has been openly against overclocked roms. It is slightly undervolted but only to the low end of the stock qualcomm spec which is not as much as pershoots or intersect ravens kernal drops it. I would read up on overclocking a little, it something you should take the time to fully understand as far as the basics go before you proceed.

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