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New Barcode Scanning Software Idea for Australians

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by NiN^_^NiN, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. NiN^_^NiN

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    Mar 19, 2009

    Mar 19, 2009

    I was looking at shopsavy and compare everywhere and was thinking how great these apps are but how they don't work for australians.

    I then thought of using the same idea for a different set of products for australians.

    As some australians will know we have a website called boozle.com.au which lets you find the cheapest alcahol in your local suburbs.

    You select the type of beer, spirit etc and then your suburb and it gives you the local suburbs surrounding you that have the cheapest for that product.

    Now what would be good is to have 2 types of searches.

    1) Search by selecting the products (just like the website)
    2) Scanning the barcode.

    then once thats selected you can have 2 other options for locality

    1) Get suburb name by gps
    2) Enter suburb name

    Now we already have software available for this and it only needs to be able to access this specific store which is simple (im sure the guys at the website would be glad to help aswell)

    E.g URL

    The URL for the website is splitup into 6 sections


    First thing is what type of alcahol are you scanning or selecting.

    There are 3 options


    After that we have 3 options.


    Sample URL


    As you can see we have brand and the variable is cougar
    Then we have name which is for different types of the drink (like stronger ones etc)

    Then we have size this can vary depending on the drink for example cougar is available in 1 litre and 700ml

    Once the category, product, size and type is selected we have 4 options to do with locality

    E.g URL

    Check Surrounding Suburbs
    Look in All Suburbs

    Now as you can see for state we have state/VIC

    For suburb we have suburb/beacon-hills (note that any suburbs with a space like beacon hills have a dash (-) added where the space is)

    Then we have 2 options from here

    We can check the few surrounding suburbs or just the suburb your selected.

    If this option is selected this is added to the end of the url


    if it isn't then nothing is added to the url.

    For all suburbs this is added to the end of the url suburb/all

    if it isn't then nothing is added to the url

    For this section i can see 2 options

    1) get State and Current Suburb you are in from gps and google maps to fill in the locality section
    2) Select the state and suburb manually

    Once the selections have been made you will have a url that will search for the items.


    Once the search has compleated it shows the cheapest at the top

    And it list the store with a link

    e.g. http://www.boozle.com.au/store/3392

    this shows a google map and has a address and phone number.

    I wouldn't think this would be much work at all if one of the barcode scanning apps was modified just a little bit.

    Edit: I had a cougar burbon available here so i scanned it with compareverywhere and it showed up as Cougar Burbon 700ml

    So the UPC Code seems to have the size now that was the standard cougar so it will be interesting to see the stronger cougar and see if that inputs more info.


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