Root New Boost LG Marquee off amazon. Simple steps to flashing MarkyBeats 1.2 with ZVC?


Hey guys, I've been reading all the threads I can find about the Markybeats 1.2 and ZVC rom. I've got a bit of information overload and this is my first time on Android. Anyway, I'm hoping you guys can guide me along the way.

Start with a Boost Mobile LG Marquee off Amazon. I'm assuming it doesn't have the latest update since it hasn't been on the network yet. To get Markybeats 1.2 with ZVC, do I just need to root the phone and then apply the ROM?

I got confused when people talked about manually updating to ZVC and then flashing the rom, but I didn't know if the rom already includes ZVC. I'm looking at this one: BOOST ZVC: v.1.2zvc/zv4_21 (from

Is this right?

1) follow AIO root & recovery guide here:
2) factory reset (phone is new, nothing to backup)
3) Reboot into CWM Recovery and flash
-"Install zip from Sd"
-Select zip and hit "yes"

Is that all? Does this include the latest update from Boost?

Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!