New Boy saying hi and help in 1 thread!


Hi all,
First timer here, thought I'd join a forum to try get the best out of my Samsung note 3.
My previous phone was a Samsung s2. On that phone i bought an app which I in putted information for my shifts for example dddooonnnooo that's 3 day 3 off 3 nights 3 off, I would then set the date when to start and how long it would last (a year normally) and the app would then update my shifts to my normal calendar. But now i can't find the app.
Any one help

Cheers in advance



Hello red03. Welcome to Android Forums. You have a very popular phone that has a great discussion area here. You will want to check it out for all of your support needs. Here is a link. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Android Forums
As for your app.... I'm not familiar with such. If it's a play store dnld app, you should be good to go when you log into the store. We do have an area for discussing apps if you still can't find it. Just ask if another is familiar with the app in this area:
Android Applications - Android Forums
Best of luck to you and thanks for joining the community.