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New Captivate owner

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by hotrod4x5, May 16, 2011.

  1. hotrod4x5

    hotrod4x5 Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok, so the little robot told me to say hi, so here, hi.

    I'm switching from Verizon (after 15 years at least) to AT&T mainly because they offer slightly more for the price. Verizon doesn't offer unlimited texting (it's 5000) or unlimited M2M minutes (or rollover), or a $15 data plan, so buh bye Verizon.

    I actually ordered my Captivate off the AT&T site, got the refurbished phone for $9.99, it arrives today. Well, dummy me, I didn't go to Costco FIRST, and so I will be returning the refurb in favor of a NEW one for $19.99 at Costco.

    I know this is last year's phone, but hey, I am on a budget, I can't afford $100 or more for a phone, and even though Costco has the HTC Inspire for $49.99, I still like saving that $30 and besides I heard the HTC has horrible battery life. (now I know there will be a thousand people probably tell me the same thing about the Captivate)

    Anyway, so that's my hello. My name is Rod and I'm from California. :D

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  2. Steven58


    Hey Rod,

  3. hotrod4x5

    hotrod4x5 Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks Steven!
  4. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter

    Hello and Welcome!!
  5. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time...

    Welcome to the Android Forums!
  6. hotrod4x5

    hotrod4x5 Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks guys! I got my phone and I love it so far.

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