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New comers welcome

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Swainsmith82, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. Swainsmith82

    Swainsmith82 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    This thread is for all the welcomed new comers of the LG Motion ATR Foum.

    So you just got your motion and or have had one for a while and now you want to root and trick out. Let me start by saying we're glad to have you and any questions you have feel free to ask after you've searched all the threads that COULD pertain to the subject you're inquiring about. That being said let's get you in the right direction and clear a few things up.
    • Rooting
      If you want to root check out the All Things Root Guide sticky in this forum (ATR for short). It's a very easy process, but you might have to try it twice, almost all do so don't worry if it doesn't root after the first reboot just repeat the steps.

    • Rooted Stock Benefits
      If you're looking to stay on stock there are plenty of themed apps (most are found with google) and an automated bloat removal script you can obtain by searching the forum (can also be found in the ATR Sticky).

    • About our Bootloader:
      We do have a technically locked bootloader. If you've read around and saw something about Loki and might wonder what it is, Loki is the master of magic and trickery. Think about that in terms of our bootloader. A great man named bliss kindly patched our bootloader with the magic of Loki, so after installing a Loki'd modified kernel, Loki will bypass security checks and trick the loader into thinking it's unlocked. This allows us to have a recovery on the hard side of the phone and gives us the ability to remove anything from the system without bricking.

      Keep in mind while Loki will bypass the security checks it cannot bypass the factory reset partition (yet). So if you boot into recovery from the hard side (power and volume down held together till black screen with white letters pops up then press power twice for recovery) it will always factory reset.

    • 2nd-init Recovery:
      Now we have Loki covered let's talk about 2nd init recovery. This is a software side recovery you can boot into while the phone is on. You'll need to install the apk into the system download it from here: http://androidforums.com/motion-4g-...em-backup-restore-lg-motion-4g-root-nand.html .
      You can then reboot into recovery and flash away.. Yes we have two recoveries, it's the joy of a locked bootloader.. We can still pretty much do anything an unlocked bootloader can we just have to take a couple of extra steps.

    • Why this Thread was Made
      There has been a lot of development in the past few months and our forum can get a little cluttered from time to time so make sure you search all the threads to find your answers and/or downloads. I promise you almost everything you want or need to know has been posted already.

    • Incomplete Madness that has Fixes
      There are a few incomplete roms out(with fixes to most issues), updated recovery packages, ports, patches, and themes.

    • Overclocked Kernel
      Game Theory cooked up a nice over clocked kernel so if you're looking for max cpu head over to his thread.

    • What's with the firmware?
      You may or may not have noticed the fact we have 4 firmware versions (C,D,E,F). Well, if you want to use a custom kernel, you will have to be on firmware F from here: http://androidforums.com/motion-4g-...re-official-motion-4g-10c-d-e-f-firmware.html
      The other way to get the F aboot onto your phone would be from here: http://androidforums.com/motion-4g-...1-version-f-aboot-flashable-lokied-files.html
      Firmware version C and F seem to be the 2 most popular versions. Firmware C seems very fast while F has GPS fixes and battery life is better. It's not always the same result on everyone's phone. Try all versions of the firmware (if you want) and see what suites you. Just make sure to flash the version f aboot BEFORE flashing any kernel's if you're not on version F firmware.
    Because of the strong restrictions LG and Metro put on our phone, things are a little more complicated than a typical phone. Keep in mind that these headaches are going to be more frequent with most new phones these days, do look at this as an opportunity to get ahead.

    I hope I was able to help with the information you'll need to get started. Again always search first for your answers, but if you can't figure something out or get a little confused (we sometimes assume everyone knows what they're doing already) feel free to ask.. We like to joke around here so please don't take offense to any of the forums snarkiness. We are always here to help those that try to help themselves first. Again welcome and enjoy your extremely under priced bad @ss motion!!

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  2. Zephyr101

    Zephyr101 Android Enthusiast

    This is great!
    Haha, new people can ask questions here so that they don't get other people in other threads angry with something that has already answered done before! :]
  3. Swainsmith82

    Swainsmith82 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

  4. hammerdroid

    hammerdroid Well-Known Member

    Guess this was made for me, lol...

    Yes, i AM a noob to the motion 4g, and the locked bootloader is taking me for a ride, but even with the frustration, i still like to tweak & flash & play with settings, lol...

    So my main question was Loki, lol, while i knew what the name referred to, i want sure how it was being implemented into the situation. So now i know, but i am a little confused about having 2 bootloaders. I have the 2init one, what's the other one? How do you access the loki recovery?
  5. SwoRNLeaDejZ

    SwoRNLeaDejZ Android Expert

    I think you should also reference in the OP the method for possibly fixing GPS in BobZ cm10, because it worked like a charm for me.. Feel free to add my screen shot to the OP as well. So excited to finally use CM10 on a daily basis ;)
  6. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid

    This is getting stickied, soon as I figure out what to unstick :rolleyes:

    Edit: Stuck
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  7. Swainsmith82

    Swainsmith82 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    We only have one bootloader.. Two recoveries.. To get a lokid kernel your best option would be to flash Game Theory's kernel it is lokid and it over clocks the cpu! This will give you access to recovery from the hard side. Think of the lokid part of the kernel as nothing more than access to recovery and a security bypass for removal of secure apps that if removed would otherwise brick your phone
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  8. hammerdroid

    hammerdroid Well-Known Member

    Thanks, i meant 2 recoveries, lol.

    So if you have two recoveries, is the only way to access it still through 2nd init?
  9. Swainsmith82

    Swainsmith82 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    [QUOTE from above]
    "So if you boot into recovery from the hard side (power and volume down held together till black screen with white letters pops up then press power twice for recovery) it will always factory reset.. '....2nd init is only the soft side recovery.
  10. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid

    OP updated per OP's permission :D
  11. Swainsmith82

    Swainsmith82 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Masterfully beautiful! THANKS A TON!
  12. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Android Expert

    I smell a guide cooking up. Lol.

    Once I get my crappy lappy back on xp I'll add this thread. It's been a couple years since I wrote a full guide for a device but I have a couple floating around
  13. Bard

    Bard Android Expert

    Good thread :) This will be a very useful source for new Motioners... Motionist? Motionman?
  14. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid

    Motiowners :rolleyes:
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  15. SwoRNLeaDejZ

    SwoRNLeaDejZ Android Expert

    That right there needs to be in the dictionary.. Well played sir.
  16. starxpilot

    starxpilot Android Enthusiast

    Am I considered a 'Motioner', simply because I found an LG Motion that had been discarded in the trash can, and proceeded to 'care for it' in rooting and cleaning it up?
  17. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid

    Yep, why was it in the trash? o_O
  18. alfick3

    alfick3 Android Expert

    I see your from Garland. That's where I call home as well. Where did you find your Motion; what place of business?
  19. johnnyl1111

    johnnyl1111 Android Expert

    i lost a motion in garland!
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  20. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid

    Did you leave a phone in the trash?
  21. starxpilot

    starxpilot Android Enthusiast

    I have no idea.
    Here. The Garland location.

    I found it inside one of the trash bins in the restroom. The only reason I looked in there, was by me holding onto the bin as my stomach suddenly did not agree with me after having my 'brain scraped'. It had no SIM, no SD Card, the back of the casing was removed and assuming separately, it was simply tossed in there. Luckily, the bin was empty of anything other than a paper towel I threw in there.

    I am indeed from Garland, it is my hometown as well.
    Who leaves their mobile devices in the trash can? [​IMG]

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