New Commando (first Android device). Where do I start: rooting or installing apps?


Sep 4, 2011
I just purchased an off contract Commando from Amazon Wireless today and will be selling the free Incredible 2 that came with the unlimited data plan I took over. Now the question is where do I start? Do I need to root before installing a bunch of apps and configuring the phone the way I want it? I plan to take the phone down to the bare basics by rooting and removing crap, which I've read up on how to do, and then install a few apps I'd like on there. What about when I get to installing apps - is there some way I can do a batch install? I have a list of about thirty apps I'd like right away.

On a totally unrelated note, is there some way to make Apple's iCal sync with Google Calendar so updates made in one place are synced across the board? What about contacts - I know Google Contacts and Android work great together, and I already have my Apple Address book syncing up to Gmail, but is there some way to have the separate groups synced so they appear as such on Google?
Take a look at the "All things Root" forum for the Commando.
Look at the "C771 drivers" thread. You will needs these drivers to perform the Root, among other things. You will find info on Rooting, using something called Super One-click.
Once Rooted, you will want to pay for the app called "Titanium Backup", "Pro" version. It is worth every penny.
This is a an app for the phone that will make it simple to backup the entire system, so that you can put it back the way you found it.....just in case you remove something you need. Of course, it it still possible, even with this app, to brick your phone......rendering it a worthless paperweight. Be careful. You are responsible for everything you do, you have traveled beyond warranty coverage when you do these things.

I don't know about the Apple stuff. Beyond my experience.

The best thing to do is to read all you can from the other users experiences.

Read the forum. It contains everything you need to get rolling.