New Desire S First Impressions

After buying a HTC Tattoo and hating it to the point I considdered sending it back, with all the shortfalls android v1.6 had I said I'd never have another android.

Well I took a shine to the new Desire S and after loading up a few apps what a phone ! pleased I took a gamble again and this is leagues above the crippled tattoo.

Thumbs Up From Me :D:D

Deleted User

Glad you like it mate. I have the Desire and its very good, but my mate has the Desire S and it is excellent. Lol any Android phone is better than the Tattoo :L - but anyway im glad you like it :)


Android Enthusiast
I just got the Desire S from the Desire and its a great phone. Very quick, lots of memory, looks great.

A couple of gripes however, first, its a bit slippy to hold so I suggest a casemate shell. Ultra slim and fits perfectly.
Secondly, the on/off switch at the top, is on the other side, so unlocking is a bit cumbersome for me as I'm mainly left handed.
Thirdly, there's no trackpad, which is crap for trackpad wake and unlock and so brings you back to the second point.

Othere than that, its still a top device, no doubt about it.