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New dev site

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by numus, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. numus

    Thread Starter

    I just put SDX-Developers - Index (haxsung development group) together and am trying to make it a all around samsung developer friendly website.. If you log in and are a samsung i7500 dev shoot me a pm and i will set you up to mod the i7500 forum

  2. screaminbug

    screaminbug Well-Known Member

    Now how did I miss this thread? :)

    Great initiative, numus. That's what I'm talking about. Hope it will come to life. I'll try to help in spreading the word.
  3. numus

    Thread Starter

    Just letting you know the offer still stands :)
  4. sado1

    sado1 Well-Known Member

    We considered the idea of joining but it seems we don't need the forums to develop that much - everything is done on IRC (much faster than forums). Neverthless, I've made a topic on your forums in Galaxy section, in case you would be looking for us ;) Our 2.1 is very advanced, as for features, we lack only camera, bluetooth and 3D and we've got cyanogen merged with GAOSP (Galaxy AOSP, as it's name of our upcoming rom) - you should check it out as I believe there's some hardware similarities between Galaxy and Moment ;)
  5. numus

    Thread Starter

    Galaxy uses Qualcomm MSM (along with hero and other phones) while moment uses S3C6410 (same as i5700).. also GSM and we need a cdma rild :(
    Just thought i would offer again, and if you want to just keep changelogs or anything else the boards are already setup and more then welcome to utilize them

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