New Droid A855


Just the other day I purchased a used Droid A855 off Ebay, the listing stated it was "rooted"??? I assumed its been "jailbroken" I do have an Ipod and I have jailbroken it....Is this what it means?

If yes, then my next question is when I go to replace my old phone on verizion, and enter all numbers to register it as my new phone will I have to have a data plan for it, and if I do can I just have the data plan for the first month then stop the data plan?

I know I should have asked all the questions before I bid on it but Im so frustrated with my old phone that I wanted a new one so bad I did not care what the new phone was as long as it worked and had good battery life!!!!


Welcome to Android Forums. Rooted means that someone has achieved root or developer permissions on the phone. Once rooted one can remove some some of the original software that came with the phone. You may have to restore the original version of the phone before it can be activated. I'm not in the know of such things but the people in the Droid area here will be able to tell you what you must do if anything to put your new phone into service. Here is a link to the Droid root area here at AF. Droid - All Things Root - Android Forums


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