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New Droid Bionic User, switched from Blackberry Storm

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ChrisAFitz78, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. ChrisAFitz78

    ChrisAFitz78 Lurker
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    Hey all,

    I've been lurking the past few days and finally decided to post.

    As it said in the title I just got a Bionic and so far, so good. A couple glitches, but I'll get to that later.

    I am on my 3rd smartphone and tend to keep my phones for a while, so this looked to be a good fit for that. I spent over 2.5 years with my Storm, so switching it to Android is a bit of a change. Overall, much better, but there are a few things I miss. I probably just need time to figure it out/find apps.

    So now a few random questions.

    1. I use Firefox on my PC and love it, but it seems that the Android version sucks. It is slow and scrolling isn't smooth. Links take 4-5 tries to tap and so on. Is that just the app or the phone or both? Dolphin was much better, its just surprising that FF was so bad.

    2. I can't type or text while charging. The keyboard gets all glitchy and types random letters, has this been happening to anyone else?

    3. My company voice mail uses wav files, and the top 5 music apps in the market don't support wav. They say they do on some of the pages, but they wouldn't open. Does anyone know a good, cheap, small wav player?

    I know its an intro thread, but I figured if someone could just drop a quick link or answer while saying "Hi" it would be appreciated.



  2. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum

    Welcome to Android Forums, Christian!

    I think you'll find the Android experience has a lot to offer, but there will be areas where other platforms excel. Still, most anything can be done on a modern smartphone (within reason).

    I have never been a big fan of Firefox on any platform other than Linux. I prefer Opera and Chrome. Give opera mobile a try, but if speed is key, then your best sticking with Dolphin for now.

    For the .wav files, you might try Rockplayer. That supports many formats. As for the other question, it's best asked in Motorola Droid Bionic - Android Forums where they have specific experience with that model phone.

    Welcome aboard.
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  3. ChrisAFitz78

    ChrisAFitz78 Lurker
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    Thanks for the tips! I've been lurking around the Bionic area for a while, but no one else brought up the charging issue and I haven't worked up the courage to post the question there yet.

    I have a few other little things that annoy me, but its just like driving someone else's car. Once I get the seats and mirrors adjusted and figure out wipers and the radio, I'll probably warm up to it.

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