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New Droid X at cost

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by StillHacking, Aug 11, 2010.

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    Up for adventure? Want a DX in yout hands today? Here is the deal. I left a non-refundable deposit at a Verizon partner store in Sewickley, PA. I then ordered online and received my DX a week ago. The DX is in, in Sewickley and IF THEY ALLOW ME I will allow you to buy it now at $199 upgrade price. All you have to do is meet me there, qualify for the new in 2, and pay me $53.50 in cash. The $53.50 will be credited to your purchase price. All this assumes the store will allow it. I will be speaking to the manager today. This is today only, act fast. PM me. If I can't find a buyer I'm out $53.50. Shame on me for not noticing this was not a Verizon store, lesson learned.


    OK so never mind this has been dealt with. Looks like my deposit is good for accessories, whew...

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