New Droid X Picking Accessories

I have a replacement X o the way as my second X had a dead pixel on it. I want to protect this one. I'm ordering a screen protector right now. In the beginning I used the anti glare one from Verizon and it sucked it caused my screen to look fuzzy/blurry. I'm thinking of getting the Seido screen protector from the looks of the reviews it looks decent and Seido always puts out a good product, opinions? Is there a protector out that I don't know about that blows all the others out of the water?
Are any of you guys using a case? I drop my phone probably 2-3 times every 6 months. I hate when new scratches appear on my phone. I feel a case might make the phone too big. I always like the Seido Innocase on my phones but the one for the X looks awful, got crap reviews, and it has that two piece design with one piece on the front then the other on the back and they clip together, I feel thats the worst way to hold the case together. Any suggestions? I want to protect my X!
I Bought the extended battery from the Verizon store and I'm definitely returning it. It makes the back of the phone a bit bigger and I haven't seen enough improvement to be satisfied. Any suggestions on a different option for an extended battery. Once again I noticed Seido makes an extended battery that doesn't require making the phone any thicker which sounds good to me but I have no clue who makes the best battery.

Sorry for rambling a bit... I'd appreciate any input!