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New Ebay Price Finder (for sold items)

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by PriceFinderDev, Jan 20, 2019.

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    Hey @ all :)
    I've wanted to share my new android ebay price finder app with you. The app checks the current value of any item on ebay based on the last sales (not on the currently asked prices).
    It's called 'Auction Price Finder'.
    I've made 3 different version of the app (optimized for different android devices).
    Version for Android Phones:
    Version for full Android Smartwatches with round displays:
    Version for Wear OS:
    Please let me know what you think - any kind of feedback is welcome :)

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Auction Price Finder -price ch

Auction Price Finder -price ch Forum


What is the Auction Price Finder? The Auction Price Finder is small free app, which checks the current value of any item on ebay, based on the last sales (now with barcode scanner). --------------------------------------------------------------- Benefits of the Price Finder Like the famous quote "Price is what you pay; value is what you get." declares, it's important to know something's value to estimate a fair price. Every seller can ask for an individual price for any item. But if you don't know the value for that item, you also have no idea if you would pay too much for it! So it's crucial for you to know the average value, not the average asked price. There's where the Auction Price Finder comes in handy. The price checker app calculates the average value for your item based on the last sales - not on the currently asked prices. In that way, you get a price which is closer to the real value of the item. This average price can now help you to decide if something is sold at a bargain price, or if the asked price is way too high. --------------------------------------------------------------- How to check a price The usage of the price finder is pretty simple. Just open the search form, enter the name of your item (or use the barcode scanner), select your country and tab GO. The auction price finder then checks the last sold items on ebay and calculates the average price for you. The price check is for both, sold auctions and sold Buy It Now - items. The calculated prices are shown on the result page. You may then scroll down, to take a closer look on the search result details. There you'll see a summary of the prices, which were used for the calculation of the average value. The "price range for Auctions" shows all used prices of the sold auction items, and the "price range for BuyItNow" shows all found prices of the sold Buy It Now – items (ordered from lowest to highest price). The price ranges also display the calculated average prices. So you can quickly see, how many items have been sold for a price near the average price. Below the price ranges you see a third graph. This is the summary of how much sold items where used for the calculation. Please notice that your search results are more accurate, the more items were included in the calculation of the average selling price. If you swipe once to the right, you'll see the found categories for your search request. You can tap on one of them, to search further in the selected category. The next two pages showing the items which were used for the price calculation (Auctions and BuyItNow). You can tap on one item, to open it on ebay and take a closer look at the details. The last page shows all the excluded items. These are the ones, which were too cheap or too expensive. You can also tap on one of them, to open them on ebay. --------------------------------------------------------------- Further functions of the price finder: - select the maximum results per request (25, 50, 100 or 200) - use a price range for your request - exclude shippingfees ---- new functions added by updates ---- version 2.1: - exclude words from search - open active auctions --> Now where you know the value of your item, you know how much you can spend on it. version 1.7: - barcode scanner --> Perfect to check the price for games, cds, books and so on. version 1.4: - optional search in active BuyItNow items --------------------------------------------------------------- You can select between the following countries: - Germany - United States - Canada - UK - Australia - Austria - Belgium - France - Italy - Netherlands - Spain - Switzerland - Ireland - Malaysia - Philippines - Poland - Singapore --------------------------------------------------------------- Please notice that the application is a private project, which is in no way related to eBay Inc. in any manner.

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