Help New Electrify Owner

Help. I just bought the new electrify. This is my first android phone and quite an upgrade from my blackberry. I have figured out the basics on this phone but there are a couple things I need help with....
1. How do I change the notification colors?
2. How do I set a pic from my gallery as my wallpaper - I know how to do it...but when i do, the picture is like zoomed in on just one part of the pic.
3. Anyother tips or must knows about an android???

Ok, I'm new to the Electrify myself...1 day new to be exact, but I am a true Android lover & will never go back.

I *believe* the picture zoom you are seeing is due to the fact that it is spread over the 7 screens. As I have been looking for an answer to a question I have, I have noticed several people want to lower the number of screens, but I haven't seen a tried and true response yet. Sorry.

The best thing I can suggest is to keep playing with it, check the Motorola site, and watch the boards. DOn't get disheartened, you wont believe how many things I figured out on my old Mesmerize by playing trying to figure something else out!!!! LOL Good luck.