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new eris replacement coming

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by canrunin, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. canrunin

    canrunin Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    before my 30 days was up i went into the verizon store and told them i was having a problem with my eris freezing up.about 3 times a week it would freeze up and all you would see is the lock screen.swiping wouldnt work or hitting the menu wouldnt work. only way was to take out the battery.the lady asked what phone i wanted instead of the eris. i said i want the eris and is this a normal thing? told me they never heard of it and nothing they could do unless it was froze up when i brought it in. to day it froze up solid and away i went.since it was past the 30 days the lady told me i would get a used phone to replace it. so when i got there i was ready to argue. some guy waited on me i told him the story and all he did was pull the battery out stared the phone up and told me he would have a new one sent to my house.he would have fixed me up then but they were out of them.i guess no one else has had this problem of it freezing up so maybe i got one with a bug because it has always done it. is this manual update the exact same update as the over the air one??

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  2. mignonette

    mignonette Lurker

    I had the same problem with my first eris. It would randomly freeze on the lock screen, and taking the battery out was the only fix. It was a real bummer. I took it back before the 30 days and didn't have an issue getting a new replacement. And to answer your question, I do believe the manual update is the same as the OTA. The only difference is that the manual wipes your phone clean, so I would just wait for OTA. Mine just updated today and so far so good.
  3. canrunin

    canrunin Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    after you got your new phone did it quit freezing up?
  4. mignonette

    mignonette Lurker

    I've had the new one for a little over a week now and it hasn't froze up at all so far, so i'm hoping maybe i just had a buggy phone. I'm also hoping this new ota update will be another preventative measure.
  5. DDustiNN

    DDustiNN Android Enthusiast

    I don't think the 30 days applies to defects, that's just general returning for any reason. You are covered under warranty for 1 year I believe, so they should never argue with you about a replacement until then.

    Last year, my Razr2 hinge was starting to crack, and after a while the crack was growing. One day I flipped open my phone, and for some reason it just kept flipping right out of my hand and onto the floor, and broke right in half. I took it to Verizon, told the guy what happened, and said I needed a new phone right now because I was going out of town on business the next day. He promptly went behind the counter, got a brand new one for me, and copied my contacts over. No charge at all, and I don't pay for the insurance. I was worried, because it had actually been about 14 months after I bought it, but he looked up my account and said it was still under warranty, so I didn't argue ;)

    Also, the same thing happened to me about 7-8 years ago. I had an old Kyocera phone (though it was awesome at the time, lol), and I was riding around on my friend's go-kart. We came around the block, and she was driving, and I looked ahead and said "hey is that my phone...?" But of course, she didn't hear, and ran it over. Apparently it fell out of my pocket earlier. Anyway, the screen was cracked, and the whole phone was scratched up. I took it to Verizon, told them exactly what happened, and same thing... They just swapped it out for a brand new one, no charge, no hassle.

    That kind of service is incredible, IMO. I love Verizon :D

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