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new firmware from samsung new pc studio

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by spupuz, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. pegasus21

    pegasus21 Android Enthusiast

    Maybe we'll have to ask Fatal1ty who did the custom cooked rom what's causing the market problem.


  2. kam187

    kam187 Android Expert

    Does it work with his rom? Maybe someone who has it working could post they build.prop

    If you're sure it works with his rom, i can extract it from there otherwise.
  3. kam187

    kam187 Android Expert

    Ok so "tmeu/kila_eu/dream/trout:1.5/CRB17/146733:user/ota-rel-keys,release-keys" doesnt work.

    Could someone who has it working either send me their build.prop or do:

    adb shell getprop > test.txt

    And then paste the line [ro.build.fingerprint]:

    Please don't post the whole file becsause it contains your serial number and SIM serial number etc!
  4. pegasus21

    pegasus21 Android Enthusiast

  5. n8schicht

    n8schicht Newbie

    Hello guys

    Can somebody please give me a hint? Odin has detected my phone and I wanted to upgrade my bootloader, but all it does is counting up the minutes (10 minutes now), and the only output I have is

    <1> Added!!!
    <1> Detected!!!

    That's all. It seems like something is preventing Odin from starting. What can I do? Did somebody have the same problem? :thinking:

    EDIT: Never mind. In Download-mode it's working. I was using Recovery-mode instead. All my bad ...
  6. anyfoo

    anyfoo Lurker

    Thanks a lot, kam187, that really sounds great.

    But before I try it out I have one concern: I'm not too comfortable in flashing my phone with a firmware that's just out there on the net without any sign of its integrity.

    After all, I will enter delicate informations like account passwords into it and send them over the internet, and especially with Linux it wouldn't be too hard to modify the firmware in such a manner that some of it will be intercepted and sent to malevolent third parties.

    So, is there any possibility that we could prove the integrity of those files?

    Maybe with MD5 or SHA1 sums of the files that we could check against any authoritative source, or at least some Italian users could check them?

    Thanks for the great job!
  7. mrbrdo

    mrbrdo Member

    I noticed a problem with the italian firmware. My APN (for 3g access point) settings are lost, but I can't manually add an APN.
    When I go into settings (wireless controls - mobile networks - access point names), press menu and New APN, then it shows "Edit access point" for about half a second in the title and then just returns to menu. So I can't add an access point :(
    What should I do? I also didn't back up my old firwmare (yeah i know, stupid).
    EDIT: factory reset fixed my problem
  8. Erly

    Erly Lurker

    Thanks kam187, with your files I could finally do a succesful update. But I noticed that I can't put the home screen in landscape, does this happen to anyone else?
  9. mrbrdo

    mrbrdo Member

    Erly: this is normal, it was like this for me in older firmware also. also you can't use landscape keyboard on the google widget or menu. i think that's just how it's made
  10. Erly

    Erly Lurker

    Thanks for the fast reply mrbrdo. I thought I used the Home screen in landscape mode with FF Firmware but maybe I dreamt it xD I haven't slept very much this week and I'm a little groggy these days.
  11. kam187

    kam187 Android Expert

    First thing i tried! It doesnt work - to show the missing apps at least. You can install busybox in the normal way since samsung doesnt have it either.

    When you do an update from NPS it downloads a tar file which is temporarily stored on your computer. This is the tar file I used to make the above files.

    I could SHA1 the tar file, and you could download that, extract its images and compare to the same images you extract from the above files i guess. But there's no real way for you to be sure the tar file itself was legit since we need to rely on a 'internet' user in italy to grab the file for us.
  12. spupuz

    spupuz Newbie
    Thread Starter

    in any case the update was fine for me but still have the market with not all the application visible
  13. dreamer81

    dreamer81 Newbie

    Just flashed my XXIIF to latest H7.. worked perfectly.
    I'm now going to install my apps and stuff again!
  14. photon00

    photon00 Well-Known Member

    Followed Kam187's instructions and install went sweetly. Seeing improvements instantly. Wifi never really worked before, does now! Speed improvement too. Just hope the battery life gets better. Thanks loads Kam!
  15. gie62001

    gie62001 Android Enthusiast

    kam could you help me somehow
    i reflashed my galaxy with the all in one file you made and it wiped out data completely and the phone is faster indeed,got all the apps back and H7 firmware and the same boot screen of samsung not Ga!axy or something like that but the problem now is that ive got Ndrive again but now it seem to be either spanish or portugal or even italian version.i went to locale and text made sure i put english but still the same,hmm wat do i do?or should i reflash with some other CSC file? thanx ohh by the way noticed one more thing camera picture quality worsened, i mean more blure and at first thought the lense was dirty but it wasnt but the flash timing is improved indeed but think that something wrong with camera now especially the middle of image geting all blurred
  16. kam187

    kam187 Android Expert

    Hmm I guess it can't find your locale for some reason. What is NDrive anyway? Try this..

    Uninstall NDrive, reboot, setyour locale to the correct language (I guess it is already). Then mount the internal SDCard onto the computer and check if there a NDrive folder on it. If there is delete it (or move it as a backup to your desktop). Then reinstall NDrive.

    Most apps store their extra data onto the internal storage, so it may be picking up old settings which conflict with this roms locales.

    That's strange. I just tried the camera in low light and I'm seeing something similar. Hopefully they'll fix it. I really wish they update the android camera app, its sooo basic.

    Oh and can you put a few new lines/use the enter key in your posts to make paragraphs. It makes them easier to read!
  17. kam187

    kam187 Android Expert

  18. Andronix

    Andronix Android Enthusiast

    I went from G6 to H7 via Odin and my thoughts are:

    - much better battery life, something like 50%
    - browsing experience is better because pressing screen to slide doesn't trigger links
    - unlocking screen is easier and faster

    If you're unable to enter "download mode", make sure you're not connected to PC via USB :)

    Will keep you updated if I find something else...
  19. mrbrdo

    mrbrdo Member

    Something weird happened to me today... I'm not sure exactly why or when, but my phone book now only goes up to K (including), the rest is not there anymore... So I have all contacts I had before, but only up to the K letter. A contact starting with K is the last entry in the phone book (alphabetically).
    Does anyone know what could cause this? Might it be a bug in the firmware (got H7)?

    Note: I went to gmail on the PC, and under contacts I have those same contacts (only up to K). Anyone knows why this happened, and how to fix?
    I added most the contacts by import from SIM. But I also manually added one starting with P, and it disappeared aswell. Also, I did use APNdroid to disable net access most of the time, and also the sync widget to disable sync most of the time (i did turn it on a couple of times of course).
    Basically I want to avoid this in the future, what was the cause?
    Also, when importing from SIM, many (i think all) contacts had every phone number entered twice (twice for call and twice for SMS). What the..?

  20. Andronix

    Andronix Android Enthusiast

    I don't have that problem, but then again I'm not using sync services. I use vCard IO to backup/import all my contacts.
  21. mrbrdo

    mrbrdo Member

    I think it didn't sync fully to google contacts and something went wrong. I imported from SIM again and synced fully now. However I still have duplicated phone numbers which sucks! Is there any automated way of removing the dupes? I have like 300 contacts...

    also, isn't the amoled screen of the galaxy supposed to be great in sunlight? i tried it in the sunlight today and i could see almost nothing, mostly green/black color.. is it possible my brightness sensor doesn't work? or do you have to enable that somewhere?
  22. spupuz

    spupuz Newbie
    Thread Starter

  23. kam187

    kam187 Android Expert

    Then you'll need to wait for google to put the fingerprint on the whitelist :(
  24. Sauriann

    Sauriann Newbie

    ...cant connect my phone to NPS(1.1.0 IB5).
    Can I update my firm. ( i have I7500XXIG8 version) and make my phone connected to NPS. I also have problems when i want to use phone like modem (must try 15 times to connect).
    Phone is from Telenor Serbia
  25. lazarus101

    lazarus101 Member

    What are the consequences if I install this H7 firmware? I understood that it will perform a hard reset that's not too bad cause I only have the device from friday so i won't lose too much data.
    I bought my Galaxy from Germany on ebay, it has firmware FF I didn't updated it yet because I heard the update from NPS is causing random reboots, the firmware available in the NPS is I7500XXIG8. with the current firmware the only problem is the batterry life, I have to charge it every day. I'm a bit disappointed with this device. One of the reasons for which I've chosen this device instead of an HTC was the battery life who theoretically should be longer 'cause it has a greater battery capacity and the AMOLED screen is said to consume less power, one of my friends has an HTC Magic and his battery lasts for 3-4 days with 3G, background data, google sync, the device also seems to run faster and it was cheaper...
    So what do you say? should I install the H7 firmware? will i be able to install future upgrades through NPS? And regarding the battery I've read somewhere that it improves after 5-6 charging cycles, is this true, should I leave the battery to drain before charging it again, or charge it with the device is powered off? Does it matter?

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