New Firmware Release (2.0.7)


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This firmware is the newest one, despite the name it's newer than LeOS 2.5

Some nice new features like the option to agroup the apps in folders.

There is an actvation needed after install, no big deal, just enable wifi after install, and follow the instructions below:

activation technique: Do not be discouraged when the authentication fails, try more than once on the line, non-members can also be activated, pit father ah ~ ~
1 for the first time start, a "push service association dialog." choose "OK" on push services (because of the need and the cloud server version validation, so validation code input, you must open the Verify complete access to the system can be turned off)
2 in the validation code input box enter "3576YX" (note uppercase YX)
3. .. into the system validation is complete. OK to start using it

3GW100 V2.0.7Golden version of the TF to upgrade the firmware , restore factory data files, music OS theme package
Download: 3GW100|????-????-??????

3GC101 V2 .0.7 Golden version of the TF card to upgrade the firmware, restore factory data files, music OS theme package
Download: 3GC101|????-????-??????

3GW101 V2.0.7Golden version of the TF card to upgrade the firmware, restore factory data files, music OS Theme Packs
Download: 3GW101|????-????-??????


this is just a fix for the LeOS2.5 (the last LeOS 2.5 had the version 2.0.4 and before that was 2.0.3 :D so its probably not going to look diffrent unless it is a custom.


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It's a official firmware from Lenovo, so it looks similar to LeOS 2.5 and it's still bases on Android 2.2.1

Lilmaroki, search this forum there are more than one tutorial showing how to install the market, on LeOS 2, even with pictures. The procedure are still the same.

For you guys looking for a 2.3 firmware there is a good news on the chinese foruns, the guys from the A team convinced other good forum engineers to help them to convert CM 7 to Lephone, CM7 is based on Android 2.3.5.
The process has just started, and will take some time, but with the right engineers helping should be a good one.
Hi all, i have been trying to fix my 3gw100 for 2 days now and i have been searching and trying things but i am stuck.
I bought my phone and it is in a similar situation too

I have never had an android phone before(am not real good with a iphone either) so i am just learning.
I want to set up the phone using the file i have managed to download from this site and its folder is showing on my desktop, the folder is called Allphone_3GW100_LEOS2.5 I have been following instructions from another thread on here but i keep getting stuck.

I think i know what i need to do but i am stuck on how to get the phone to boot from my flash card, that is i can get the phone to say switched to fastboot mode but what i am unsure of is how do i get the flash card to boot? I downloaded flashboot but i dont know how to set the flash card up using it.

Any help appreciated.

Cheers Shane


there are sever versions for install from card you need /image (copy the files in) folder on root of the card
inside some *.mbn files plus boot.img system.img userdata.img ...
other vers. only have the last 3 files - you push it with fastboot to your phone over usb-connection (you must have the tools and driver installed on pc)
on windos take LePhone2.0.msi on linux no/little problems.


thanks, Pino.

I have a pair of questions:
1) are those versions stable or beta ones?
2) is some of these versions good also for A60?



I wsh they would finally upgrade to a higher firmware... I love the phone but beeing at 2.2 really limits the usage (I went and bought a sony tablet P, but since that is also really unique, Im going to have to buy something normal for once, so I can finally use everything like its suposed to be :D).


So i can just download it to my phone.?

New for this kind of stuff....

or do i have to make some other changes.?

Can u tell us what the specific improvements are.?

Thanks for keep us informed. :)

Greetzz Jomme


OK, thanks for the warning. ;-)

I won't do anything .

But why isn't it possible to jusst download a update
without all the "difficult stuff".

Just dowload and ready ;-)

now that would be great..

BTW, very interresting to read all this on this forum...

So pls don't stop ..;-)

( btw does anybody knows why i can't update my Whatsapp.?
I already installed it on my phone.. but can't update.?
I know,i know, of topic...)

Thanks anyway.

Grtz Jomme