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New G1 getting "com.android.camera has stopped unexpectedly" error.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rockysims86, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. rockysims86

    rockysims86 Lurker
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    Hello all. I just got a G1 and every time i try to run the default camera app, camcorder app, or any app trying to use the camera (i.e. barcode scanner, facebook), i get the error "com.android.camera has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again later" and the only option is to force close. I have googled and searched for hours and havent found a solution that works for me. I am running version 1.6 and have restarted the phone countless times, tried to clear the camera cache (the button to clear it is not lit up), reformatted the SD card to FAT32 while in the phone, even went back to version 1.0 and reflashed to several different roms. The camera also gets the error even when an SD card is not inserted (usually it would say to insert an SD card before taking a picture). I am thinking it is a hardware or coding issue. Just thought I'd post this in case anybody could help. Thank you!!!

  2. Sweed

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    is the phone new?
    I'd say it's definitely a hardware problem and you should try to get a replacement.
    but if it used to work then maybe you broke it

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