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New Galaxy 10.1 Calander Not Sycnching "My Tasks"("device"?) calander. HELP Please!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by GalaxyWonder, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. GalaxyWonder

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    Hi I have a new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 running Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4. It comes with a calendar and task program built in, this is supposed to sync with my Google calendar account. for the most part it does. I've figured out that if I go into the devices sync settings it shows which calenders are synching. and lets me choose them. BUT, the important one with my tasks on it, does not show up. In other words it seems that the devices sync settings are not recognizing the tasks calendar (named by default "My Tasks") as sync-able.

    When I go back to the tasks widget/app/thingy, the calendars listed are both "My Calendar" and "My Tasks" (also a calendar), but it only displays the tasks on the device and in the app and doesn't show them as synch-able. In the apps task section the calendar is listed with a subheading saying "Device" I'm assuming this means the "My Tasks" calendar is stored on the device itself. SO... How can I get My Tasks to synch to my Google tasks, like the rest of my calendars and events do. How do I change it from saying "Device" to something like "Synchronized"?

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    Not sure if this is your problem but I was having similar issues. What I realized is that when I added new events to my calendar, they were defaulting to go into "My Calendar" and not the gmail calendar linked to my account. When you click the + sign to add a new event, at the very top of the window is a drop-down box to select the calendar you want. Try switching to your Gmail account and see if that helps keep everything in sync.

    I now have my PC, two Gmail accounts, my Note 10.1 and my Galaxy S3 phone all syncing calendar events beautifully. However, once it awhile, for no apparent reason, the calendar will switch back to "My Calendar", so I have begun to always look in that box before I add an event.

    Maybe there is something similar for tasks?


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