New Galaxy S3 owner

I'm Michele, I just got my first andoid phone and I love it :). I was a die hard iPhone user, but the 5 was underwhelming so we decided to switch instead of upgrading.
I think I have my phone tweaked to how I like it. I've got all of the common tweaks down, but decided to join a forum site so I'm not missing out on any great ideas.
The only thing I don't like about it is that I'll have to get an FM modulator to stream my music to my radio in my car (my radio has a usb cord for input, but the software doesn't recognize my phone now since it's not apple). The only other thing I don't like about it is the Kies software from Samsung. I did finally get it to recognize my phone and update to Jellybean, but it was a huge PIA. I still can't get it to recognize my husband's phone, but I'm sure if I spend another 8 hour day at it, I'll finally get it to work! You would think a huge company like Samsung could make a descent software to sync your phone with and get updates ... or contract with another company like Double Twist to make it for them.
Overall, I love the phone though!!! I have a difficult time not using it at all times of the day :) I dont' think we have used our Kindle Fires at all since we got the phones LOL!