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(New Game) MasterBlocks, The Brainmelter. Version 1.0.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Arganth, Sep 26, 2020.

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    MASTERBLOCKS (App) by Arganth Games
    Hi, I'm Arganth. Here is my game:

    MasterBlocks is a logic game whose objective is to bring the colored blocks to their marks, using the mechanics of its more than 30 types of blocks, and with more than 200 levels.

    It is my first game for Android, and as a puzzle lover I wanted to summarize all my experience with this game. It is not graphically the best, because I basically have no studies of this, but it does what really matters. I offer a great challenge in which you not only have to complete the levels, also do them in the minimum of movements that I have put (or less) to unlock more challenging extra levels (optional).

    All information within the game is in English and Spanish. Anyone who likes this type of games please give it a try and make it known. It gets better as new blocks emerge. Please, click on the links to see it.

    Here solving a basic level:
    Here solving an intermediate level:
    And a trailer in Spanish (because I'm Spanish, but the game is in both languages):

    Warnings: only works on 70% of Android devices, sorry. 99 cents, I'm unemployed :(, but you need more than 100 hours to complete 100%. Game still expanding. Thanks.


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