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New Game: Space Riddle Spaceship Brain Puzzle (Version 1.0.10)

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by App Update, Apr 17, 2020.

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    - General game improvements
    - Additional game translations: polish, spanish, russian chinese! You can play in your own language!

    • Rating: 5.0
    • Installs: 500+
    • Download Size: 12M
    • Version: 1.0.10

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Space Riddle Spaceship Brain Puzzle

Space Riddle Spaceship Brain Puzzle Forum


Explore a new world of intergalactic wonder and spaceships with this amazing sliding puzzle game! Become the ultimate spaceship superhero as you solve a thrilling space puzzle by making your best moves. Use your best moves to slide the tiles on the grid and solve the brain teaser to earn points. Whether you want to spend your free time or simply want a great past time game to stay distracted and relaxed, this amazing escape adventure space game is here to help you have all the fun. Play it today! Solve space sliding puzzle
Do you want to solve sliding tile puzzle without any level or time restrictions? Play as many levels as you want for as long as you want as this endless space adventure is here to take away your boredom and stress. Your job is to slide the tiles in different directions vertically or horizontally simply to clear way for the spaceship. Help the spaceship fly away in as few moves as possible. Exciting brain game levels
The game has more than 60 challenging levels. Each level has a single grid comprising upon 9 tiles. Your job is to help the tile with spaceship move from the grid hurdles. Free the spaceship without hitting the hurdle tile with the spaceship. Play the game carefully and strategically to avoid hitting the spaceship while you attempt to free it from the tile grid. Solve brain teaser
Want to challenge your puzzle solving skills? How about focusing on a simple yet highly challenging brain puzzle? Spend your free time training your puzzle solving skills and use the best strategy to feel the spaceship from a tough grid of tiles. All the 60 levels are progressively challenging and you must play your moves carefully. Earn points daily
If you find yourself stuck in any level, you can use the hint option to take help on which move to play next. Solve puzzle in as few moves as possible to earn more points. How to play Space Riddle – Space ship Brain Puzzle
- Download and launch the space puzzle game - Tap on the start button to launch the escape adventure - Swipe tiles in the grid to make way for spaceship and solve space puzzle - Solve sliding puzzle brain game in as few moves as possible - Earn a brain teaser high score and set new records - Slide, solve and enjoy space puzzle! Features of Space Riddle – Space ship Brain Puzzle
- Simple and easy brain teaser UI/UX - Clutter-free brain game layout featuring smooth and responsive controls - Solve sliding game in as few moves as possible to earn more points - More than 60 different thrilling escape adventures available for players - Progressively challenging space puzzle levels to make game more exciting - Use the hints to solve the title puzzle if you want - Thrilling background track, interactive sound effects and amazing graphics Would you like to enjoy the most thrilling galactic space puzzle game from your device? If yes, this amazing tile game is all you need to spend some quality time. Download and play Space Riddle – Space ship Brain Puzzle today! More information about the game: https://epicode.solutions/space-riddle You can find my profile at twitter @epicode_ or  see the latest news on the Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/epicode.solutions/

March 14, 2020
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