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New Gear Manager

Discussion in 'Wear Os' started by BoaGrafix, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. BoaGrafix

    BoaGrafix Lurker
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    The new gear manager update 2.2.14090599 has rendered all android wearables useless. the update was released 3 days ago and there is no one imune to this problem. It will first update your existing gear manager app, once this is finished it then resets the gear wearable to its default factory settings thus erasing everything on the watch. Then you try to open the gear manager app it crashes before the splash screen even opens. I was able to contact samsung 2 days ago by live chat to inform them of this problem, and they informed me that they were not aware of this issue. I found this was really strange since I thought they would have tested this before releasing this. With the new release of other watches on the market, this not a good time for this to be happening. but once again this should have been tested. Today I actually got a call from samsung with a rep letting me know that this problem has been reported and they are looking into the problem and should be fixed soon. There are alot of people out there at the moment very angry with wearables that arent working! Will keep everyone informed what happens next!

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  2. sulligar

    sulligar Lurker

    I installed the update with zero issues. I have a Gear 2 Neo and an S5. It's been working flawlessly since the update came out.

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