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New Google maps update - 12/5/2010 - anyone installed it?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Newth, May 12, 2010.

  1. Newth

    Newth Member
    Thread Starter

    As per title, does it do anything new & exciting?

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  2. IceMan2006

    IceMan2006 Lurker

    I've installed it and it says:

    What's new in Maps?

    -Share places by email, text message, Facebook, and more
    -New Navigation icon in application launcher

    I would assume these are the new features, but im no genius. :)
  3. chef_adrian

    chef_adrian Newbie

    Pity the navigation doesn't work in Australia yet...still got brut maps for now though
  4. how do you upgrade your goggle maps? I have not been able to!!

    Its not on m.google.com/maps
    neither is it in the market place or appbrain.
  5. Neodroid

    Neodroid Newbie

    It comes up as an "upgrade available" message on the notification bar on the top. I have installed it but have not been able to test out the share loction features!! yet:(
  6. how come i have not got it?
  7. Its_Red

    Its_Red Member

    I got it but see absolutely no difference, where is my new Navigation icon :(
  8. madnlooney

    madnlooney Member

    can you not get it in the market?
  9. @ndrew

    @ndrew Member

    Ive got the navigation icon. Its in the programes menu. Just tap on it and it takes you straight to the navigation part of google maps. ;)
  10. Its_Red

    Its_Red Member

    Yeah looked there, and all other places a icon would be hiding but it's just not here, maybe I'll uninstall and re-install
  11. marand

    marand Lurker

    I had to re boot the phone and then it was there....give that a try.
  12. ldn-j

    ldn-j Member

    Somehow managed to miss that there is the navigation icon in the list of programs, so it has appeared after all
  13. simon1

    simon1 Member

    I think this is new:

    Plot a route, go to the list of directions and hit the Menu - lots of new options inluding ability to Report a Problem - a bit like Tomtom's. Brilliant!
  14. lookseehear

    lookseehear Member

    It's a shame they haven't included the nexus one front end for it, at least it's nice to have some kind of front end I guess.
  15. Its_Red

    Its_Red Member

    lol 3 days after installing and countless reboots I now have the all singing all dancing navigation icon, bit of a disappointment really as all it does it the same as the nav launcher I installed when I installed the google maps brut version before the official version was released.
  16. simon1

    simon1 Member

    Try NavLauncher app. It allows you to quickly get to Favourites, Contacts, recent destinations.
  17. jauhari

    jauhari Member

    SO the UPDATE version is automatically show up? I tried to find in Market and didn't found anything :(
  18. colrey

    colrey Well-Known Member

    streetview is new in this update
  19. @ndrew

    @ndrew Member

    I noticed it in the market place under my downloads. It said "update avaliable". Press menu button in market place and go to downloads. Should be there.
  20. @ndrew

    @ndrew Member

    It was avaliable in the original version.

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