New Google Maps Update

I noticed an update for Google Maps to 3.2.1. Being on the Hero, GM is pre-loaded and I don't know how to update it to the new version (since it's not listed in my Market downloaded, being that it was pre-loaded on the phone).

Does it automatically do it, or do I have to uninstall and grab the new version from the Market?

I went into the settings, but there was nothing there to check for updates, just 'Latitude' and the other standard options.



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Well, that explains it then. Thanks guys.

If they keep coming out with these updates for 1.6+ (i.e. Maps, Goggles etc) and they are going to make me start getting itchy for the new 2.0 (or 2.0.1) update sooner.

Was fine with waiting, but if they are going to flaunt new toys in my face...


I think you guys are confused. You should be able to hit the install button on market, and it will uninstall the pre-loaded Gmaps and install one that will show up under "my downloads". Probably doesnt matter for now though, I'm willing to bet it won't be upgraded before we get 2.0

EDIT- They are right as far as the update with nav is for 1.6+. Im just talking about getting it on your list in market...


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Sprint is always behind the curve...:mad:

This is true. When I first purchased the Touch Pro, everyone was saying that Windows 6.5 was on the way. Well that never happened. I imagine we will never see an official OS update for this phone either.


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I truly hope that you are right. I just feel that as paying customers...Sprint and HTC owe us in return, the respect of at the very least, giving us a time frame of when.


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Omg... phone is out a month... they have already released a maintenance update for the unit, which surprised the hell outta me. You say what proof? Well then, what proof is needed? What proof they're not?

Anyway, I too was on the WinMo platform waiting for the updates that never came to be. From either Sprint or Palm... I am convinced there is something different going in here with all the new efforts at customer retention, new front line handsets, even customer service has changed a little bit too. So, I am of the glass half filled mentality with regard to the New Sprint...

lol... oh, by the way the phone is HTC's but designed to work on the carriers network. The phone is not Sprint's... (see Eris)


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I truly hope that you are right. I just feel that as paying customers...Sprint and HTC owe us in return, the respect of at the very least, giving us a time frame of when.

providing a time frame when dealing with software is a BIG way to get people pissed off. If Sprint (or anyone) were to say you'll get the update by the 1st week of January and it didn't come out until the 2nd week there would be people screaming at them for not making good on the deadline. The company I work for won't give a firm time frame for any software updates simply because a bug can pop up at the last minute and set it back 3 months..

sit back... relax... the updates will come when they get here in the mean time, read the transcript from the chat with David Owens.. VP of Consumer marketing for Sprint.. Chat With Buzz: David Owens Chat Transcript - 10/29
the second question was about the 2.0 update for the hero and moment.. He doesn't say WHEN it'll happen, but he does say it WILL happen


Seeing how this a Hero section, no and no.

So you have not downloaded it, and you know it will not work? How's that?
We know this is the Hero section we all have them here... am I missing something in translation?
I speak all five of the southern languages fluently.;)


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Did you read the second post in this thread? Since every Hero that is not rooted has version 1.5 and the update to Google Maps is only for versions 1.6 or higher by deductive reasoning I figured no one downloaded it and it does not work. :rolleyes: