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Hey Guys,
My name is Kyle, and this is my first Android phone. I have the Droid X and service with Verizon. I upgraded from an EnV Touch. Honestly, I am completely overwhelmed with this phone and where to begin. There is SOOOO much stuff on it. It took me forever today to figure out how to set ringtones for the different people that call me. I would love to have a good calendar app that would organize my life, because this thing just seems crazy. It does so much stuff. Did anyone else feel like this when they got their Droid X, and what is the best thing to do about it? Thanks much for your help!


One bite at a time...
Welcome to the Android Forums!

Take a look at some of the calendar apps in the market if the stock app doesn't suit you. Lots of choices...


Welcome to Android Forums!! It can be overwhelming at first, lol. Deep breathes:D
Just take it slow, make your way over to the X section of the forums. Their is a great user base their. We are all ready to help you out and answer any question you might have!!