May 18, 2011
Hi, I am a newbie. Wondering if I could get an opinion! I have twin 8 year old girls that are both wanting an ipod touch. I have been doing some research and found some android tablets for much much less $$$$. They only want the ipod's for games and app's. It appears that a lot of the apple apps and android apps are the same. If there is anyone out there w/ kids that have gotten the tablet and had great luck, I'd love to hear about it. thanks
Welcome to the Android Forums!

Which android tablets are you considering? Be careful during your research as there are a number of knockoff tablets on the market. While these tablets typically work, they have quirky software, limited access to the Android market, and poor technical support.

If you eBay what you might consider doing as an alternative is to purchase a couple of older Android phones and let the kids use these instead. While phone service would not be enabled you could simply setup WiFi access for the phones to your home wireless network and they could play and download free games onto their "phones".