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I'm new here and just want to say hello ^_^


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Hello AndroidGuide. :hello: Welcome to Android Forums.

I hope you'll enjoy all that AF has to offer. If there's something we can help you with, please don't hesitate to ask. We'd be happy to point you in the right direction.

Happy posting! :)

- eyebeam


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Well at first I was going to name myself "AndriodGuy" but it was taken, then I tried "AndriodFreak" , taken also then I thought of the one I have now, not knowing there was something called a Guide on here. I feel stupid for picking this name now -__- . So I applied to be a Guide, is there any requirements to be a Guide?


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I think guides are usually chosen for being active and contributing members of the forums, but I think it'd be so funny if you were to become a guide. :p

And welcome to the site!


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Mostly just have a helpful and cheerful nature, and a good record with us. :)

We get more applicants than openings, so if your chance to serve takes a while, hang in there. ;)

If you want to change your name, drop me a line, I can help getting admin work done on that for you.


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Thanks again. I am very experienced when it comes to forums and answering questions about Androids, etc. I used to be a very active forum member on an old site I used to used. And I was also a forum member on a teen forum website.