New Hero March 2010

andy d

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I doubt I shall be getting one.
Will look at the android market again in six months and see if its got any future.
If not I shall shop around and see what's best both in platforms and phone manufacturer.


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I'm glad I got the Hero, it looks better than the legend and the legend doesn't have much more to the Hero. Seems like similar hardware, which makes me think the Hero may have a longer future.

I guess phone processors just cant be improved too much at the detriment of battery life, the Hero's processor seems fast enough though.

If only sense wasn't so sluggish (keyboard / auto screen rotating)


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The Hero "replacement" is actually the Bravo.
Yeah, Bravo looks like pure android porn to me. Too bad it doesn't look as good as the Hero, and seemingly goes for the glassy iphone look.

On the other hand, the leaked pictures are of low enough quality to give them benefit of the doubt.


U cant run on a race with phone company, that's the way they're doing business and living, when we r only moderate workers
I love my Hero for now, at least 1 year more:D