I have a Motorola Droid2 that I've had for a month, I live in Las Vegas, I work, I take my phone EVERYWHERE w/me but getting a little frustrated. Had the original Droid before this. NOw i'm debating if I should switch to Verizon's iPhone4. Oh yeah... and HI everyone!:cool::D:rolleyes:


Talk it out online. It would seem that you can return it if you are within the 30 day trial period. The iPhone is fantastic, for sure. I just looked at it at the Apple store in NYC a couple of days ago. Smooth, very smooth. It's a great phone. You just have to weigh your needs. In some ways Android is far superior and in others the Iphone is better.

Welcome, though, and I hope you enjoy it here. :) We're glad to have you.


One bite at a time...
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So what don't you like about the Droid 2? I'd heard that it's an improvement over the OG Droid. Is MotorBlur causing you issues?