new HTC YAY now what?

hi guys :) i have recently purchased a HTC coz i like customizing things. first off i have ps1 and psp emulator, where do i get the games, and 2 how on EARTH do i save photos from email and facebook to my gallary instead of on the sim card and cant view it. PLZ help i used to own an iphone now own this :):smokingsomb::smokingsomb:


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first off:
1) the games for emulators are called roms.
2) we can't discuss roms and where to find them as they are considered pirated material here in this forum......just google it is all i can say.

however, we can help you getting any of the emulators up and running, but we can't discuss where and how to get the roms.

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G'day Habibi! Welcome to Android Forums. Firstly, which model HTC do you have? There's a separate forum for every model, and I'm unable to direct you to the correct one without this knowledge. If you go to the home page: and scroll down a bit you'll see a list of phone makes and models. The sub forum for your particular HTC model would be the best place for you to post your question. Take a look around the site, there's much more on offer than just advice.

Oh, and, ah, how's the weather down in Melbourne? Still getting four seasons in one day? :D