Android Enthusiast
Jun 29, 2010
After updating to 2.1 I noticed something new in the phonebook. Shortpressing on a contact gave 3 icons regarding that contact; call, txt and one other I can't remember. Since then I've re-installed the old apps including ADW launcher and now these 3 icons are nowhere to be found. Any idea what I'm talking about and how I can get these icons back?
Uninstall ADW, those are probably related to the default home app, so you'll need to make a choice.
That depends if you set ADW as the default then the SE home launcher will not load so its feats will also not be loaded, but if you have set it as default then yes you should still see the icons
Ok. I tried to uninstall ADW but the icons were still gone. But it's not really a big deal. Thanks guys. :)