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New Lady in Town

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by MissFae, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. MissFae

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    Hi! I joined these forums because I want an Android.

    I do not have an Android. I was not allowed to have an android until Verizon dropped their required data package from $29.99 to $15.00 just days ago. That opened up a bunch of Androids models that I am now allowed to have. Yay!

    But, which one?? I am torn between the Verizon models Droid R2D2, the DroidX, the Droid Incredible and the Droid 2. I will want to know about any other recommended models, or whether or not I should wait because the Verizon "iPhone rumors" seem to be getting hotter and hotter these days. I have an iPod touch, jailbroken of course, and I love it. But the Android platform looks more and more inviting, especially now that I can get an android phone if I want. I have to get a phone, regardless, because mine is dead.

    Anyway, that is why I joined these forums! To ask all these questions, find out about these models and what "rooting" is all about!

    See ya!

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  2. Steven58


    Welcome to Android Forums!
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  3. Martimus

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    Welcome to the Android Forums!

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