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Hi, just wondering if any body else has got a new style App market? Dont know how it came about except I changed sim cards in my Wildfire about 2 wks ago. The next day I put my original sim back in and it asked me something like " Some settings have been changed, do you want to keep them or revert back to your settings" I pressed revert back and realized that I had lost all my apps on my home screens. I still had them in the menue so I just put them back on the home screen, Job done I thought but when I went in to the market, there was a different style! Ive spoken to a couple of lads at work who have wildfires and theirs are the old style. Any ideas? Gota say prefer the old one.

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that is the new android market 3.1.3, as far as i know eventually everyones market should update by itself, my galaxy s updated itself afew weeks ago and my workmate with a Galaxy S II got the update 2 hours after me, yet the 2 people i work with with HTC phones (desire hd and wildfire s) didnt get it but i forced the update for one of them by downloading the market 3.1.3 apk file and installing it for him, so as far as i know the other guy still doesnt have it dont know if its something to do with HTC or pure chance.

and as to prefernce i prefer the new market seems alot more responsive and tiles ads are nice looks alot more proffessional.


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I just did the same. I used Gemini App Manager to "Block" since I only have the free Titanium. It now shows up in App Quarantine as "froze".

I also decided to uninstall Maps (updates and system), and reinstalled from Market. What is surprising is my location (using Wifi only) is now MUCH more accurate (was 1000' now about 100' or less). I've never had it hit closer than 2 blocks away without GPS on, now it's in front of my house!

I prefer the old market to, so I restored it from Titanium Backup and froze the market updater. ;)


Titanium Backup is only for *rooted* phones, correct?

If so, is there a similar app that offers the same features for NON-rooted phones?



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Many thanks guys, I was wondering what had happened. Thinking back my phone updated before one of the lads at work and he had his for abt 6 months before me. The other person has only just got his Widfire S but you dont know how long they'v been sitting in the box for!