new member desperately needs help

hi new to forum. I have bought a Flytouch 3 android tablet for my 13 yr old son. We are having a look at it and trying to set it up for him. We also bought a 3g dongle Huawei E353. The problem is we have inserted the dongle in the tablet, the 3g icon is showing at the top of the screen with two solid arrows one pointing up and one pointing down, there is a blue flashing light on the dongle. I am guessing the device is picking up the dongle/3g but for some reason it is not connecting to the internet. Please help as it is a Christmas present and there is only one day left to get it sorted. Also do you think putting a tablet sim card into the dongle would make any difference???


Android Expert
The 3G dongle will not work. Your tablet is only intended to use wifi for an internet connection. See the instruction manual for directions.