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Jul 11, 2013
Woubrugge, Netherlands
Hello android people,

I'm Marco, i live in the Netherlands , i'm married to my lovely wife, and we have 2 cats.

My phone (Samsung S3 Vodafone ) is not the only android, there's also a dongle running on 4,1 that transforms our TV into a Smart TV.

I hope to make friends, and lend a helping hand if needed.

I love my little car , it's a Fiat Barchetta , wich is a little 2 seater convertible italian car.
I love jukeboxes that play that old 45's
Welcome to AF 64MarcoV. I hope you enjoy these forums and can gain from the information you will find within. Thanks for joining and taking the time to leave an introduction. Have fun...
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G'day Marco, and welcome. You'll find plenty of friendly folk here, even some from The Netherlands! (Hi Kaat!) We love seeing new members, especially in the Lounge, which I see you've already found. Forum Games is another good place to meet and mingle. Take a good look around, and enjoy!

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Welcome to the forums, Marco! :hello:
Fellow S3 owner here as well. Loving it, and it's a nice swap from my Galaxy Nexus which is going to the wife. :)
Enjoy the site, cheers!