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Hi I just registered and am hoping to get some helpful hints whenever I have a problem with my LG Optimus Elite.
Tracey from Harrisburg, PA


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Hi Tracey, and welcome to the forum :D

Good to have you with us. If you've not already found it, we have an Optimus Elite section of the forum here, where you can discuss device-specific stuff with other owners, as well as our more general discussion areas.

Have fun, & if there's anything you need just ask :)


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Welcome to the community Tracey! :)

Glad to have you here and looks like Hadron has got you hooked up with a useful link! Feel free to ask us anything if you have some unanswered questions!

Thanks for joining


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Hello there, Tracey. :wavey: It's great to have you here at AF.

Thanks for stopping by to introduce yourself. Happy posting! :D

- eyebeam