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New Micro SD card- Best way to move data from old card to new card

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mastermind47, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. Mastermind47

    Mastermind47 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have a 2 GB Micro SD card in my phone, currently. I just received a 16 GB card. I'd like to move all of the data from the old card to the new card.

    What's the best way to move all the data to the new card? The majority of it is music, pics, and ringtones.

    Additionally, I'd like to move all of the eligible apps from the phones internal storage to the new card. When I move them, will I lose the data associated with the applications?



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  2. jayjay1122

    jayjay1122 Android Expert

    Best way would be to attach your phone to a pc and move everything to the pc and then swap the sd cards, reattach to the pc andmove everything to the new card.

    Should take about 5 minutes!
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  3. FramCire

    FramCire Android Expert

    1. isnt there an issue with apps to sd for the incredible that makes it not worth doing at this time?

    2. if you use apps to sd, i do not believe you lose data...... but try it with an app you dont care about the data and test it. (or download a new app and use it and test it)

    3. jayjay: is this same with root? I will do backups (nandroid and titanium) but i was wondering if it is same as I plan on having a new sd card in 2 weeks (my 8gb is just a bit too small now that I am rooted)
  4. Terabethia

    Terabethia Android Expert

    There is no difference in the process if you have root or not.

    There are two ways. One is the way that jayjay mentioned, the other is to do basically the same thing but only with the SD cards (as in, put the SD card into the computer, pull files off, put new SD card into computer, put files on). No matter what the easiest way is to use the computer, it's just a matter of whether you use the phone to connect the SD cards or an actual SD adapter.
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  5. BetaMan

    BetaMan Android Enthusiast

    I agree with Terabethia. Did the same thing myself when I swapped from a 16GB Sandisk to a 16 GB Adata Class 6 card. I copied everything from the old card to my laptop via card reader, then copied everything to new card via card reader. Worked perfectly.
  6. Mastermind47

    Mastermind47 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks all. I also just realized the new card was one that came from Verizon with the adapter- so I'll give that a whirl.

  7. jayjay1122

    jayjay1122 Android Expert

    Probably not a bad idea to keep a backup of your SD card on the PC as well! ;)
  8. HeadOfDog

    HeadOfDog Lurker

    A previous posting on a similar thread also suggested that you format the new card prior to use.

    I just happened to be in the same boat -looking to replace my 2GB stock card and bought a new 16GB Kingston Class4 card from Fry's for around $25 bucks - and found this thread.

    How come no one advises use of the Unmount SD card function on the HTC? I've never used it (not intentionally, just forgetful) but I haven't experienced a problem,... yet.
  9. Vaseline Smith

    Vaseline Smith Android Enthusiast

    Format FAT32 first.
  10. YankeeBelle

    YankeeBelle Newbie

    Hi, all. I was just reading this and I have to ask: when I put my card into my laptop, it asks to format it. Which scares me because I have a lot of pics on it. It won't just open the card and read it. If I format, will I lose everything? Thanks
  11. DodgerinNH

    DodgerinNH Well-Known Member

    Yes you will definitely lose everything if you format it, so you should probably move whatever's on there to your PC before you do anything, then re-format your card if you wish (FAT 32), to see if you keep getting that format message. Then when you're satisfied, you can move your data back onto your SD card at your leisure.

    At least that way you can do the detective work to see if there's any issues with your SD card without losing your valuable photos, etc.
  12. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    If it's Windows go to My Computer where both the card and the internal storage should be listed as a lettered drive. Should be able to access and then add/remove files from there. After moving files, you can also right click the drive and reformat there as well.

    If reformatting, make sure you're dealing with the card contents and not internal storage. Unfortunate mistake to make.
  13. invincible_dr

    invincible_dr Newbie

    Your rooted? If you are rooted then sometimes, the sdcard will not show up anymore on the phone. You will have to take it to a computer and reformat it without losing all your data. So, do as Iowabowtech says. Go to 'My Computer' and there you should see your Sdcard as a lettered drive. Save everything and then reformat to fat32 to see if that fixes it.
  14. hotsunfyre

    hotsunfyre Lurker

    You cannot reformat without wiping all data. IT 101.
  15. euph_22

    euph_22 Android Expert

    If you read what he wrote, he explained what he meant by that. Copy everything off the card (that is what he means by "save everything"), then format it and put everything back on.
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  16. TobesEtc

    TobesEtc Android Enthusiast

    When you put the new SD card in the SGS2 are you best to format it in the phone, or just FAT32 via the PC?
  17. sweeds

    sweeds Well-Known Member

    I've read that formatting FAT32 via PC is less likely to run into bugs than formatting via the phone. This is based off of real life experience, and what I've read on this forum.
  18. fisher2010

    fisher2010 Lurker

    I want to upgrade my 2gb card to a 8gb. I now that is as simple as to copy all the files. but I noticed that there are another directory levels above what I can see in the PC, I figured this out while browsing the file explorer app in my phone, the question is... do I have to copy these files as well? There are names such "bin" "languages" etc... so I
  19. rfox54

    rfox54 Newbie

    fischer, it sounds like you are using Astro or another file manager to view the contents. The files or directories that you see "above" \sdcard are probably on the phone. If you remove the sdcard and use your PC to copy and format, you will not see them because they are not there.
    There are no hidden files or directories; feel save copying the contents that you can see.
  20. Viceman

    Viceman Lurker

    I have an LG Optimus one (I call it optimus prime) and just decided to upgrade to an 8gb card from the original 2gb.
    Based on the posts here i simply backed everything up to the computer, swapped cards then put them all back in from the directory. the problem is that the apps didn't work, the phone shows the android icon and the app is missing/not working (all of the downloaded ones). I re downloaded most of them but there are a few , some with saved data (including angry birds) that i'd rather keep some of the saved data from, but it doesn't seem to have made the transition. I did a wholesale 'copy all > Paste' from the directories both times. where is the missing data?
    How can i bring it over?
  21. angeloslev

    angeloslev Lurker

    Any news about this?
    I bought a new Xperia neo v with a 2gb microsd already in.
    Want to upgrade to a 8-16gb new micro sd, but I'd prefer not to have to reinstall all the apps I have out in it.
    Will simple copy/paste work?

  22. sjunell

    sjunell Lurker

    hi, i am upgrading my sd card and the new one is ready to go but with the old one i can't transfer everything to my computer because everytime i put it into the computer it wants to format it and i can not do anything with the sd card unless i want format it first but then i will lose everything. i have the samsung kies and that let me save my pictures and music but all of my apps are just kind of stuck there. any suggestions?
  23. teatiller

    teatiller Lurker

    I just transfered from a 2GB card to a 16GB card on an LG optimus slider. I copied all the files from the phone with the USB hookup to a file on the computer (a mac powerbook). What I discovered was that it is also necessary to copy the "hidden" files and folders as well (I have a program on my computer that will show the hidden files), other wise all the apps might not work. I had some apps that had some "hidden" directories. Then I put in the new card, hooked it up with the USB and copied all the files over (including the hidden ones). It seems to be working fine, all the apps too.

    There might be an easier way, but I am new to android and smartphones in general. But the phone seems snappier with the music files and photo galleries now with the faster card.
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  24. DBWhits

    DBWhits Lurker

    This seems like the answer to was a question I was just about to ask:
    I am getting a new microSD card and was wondering if I should format it FAT32 via my PC before putting anything on it or mounting it in the phone?

    Thanks in advance
  25. I always have an Ubuntu disc handy. I am sometimes able to read/recover files that I cannot read in Windows. You have no conflicting software or driver issues to worry about and you dont need to install anything. I have read quite a few corrupted SD cards or drives on Ubuntu when Windows was not able to.

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