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New mmorpg for android need devs!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Grievere, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Grievere

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    Mar 27, 2011

    Mar 27, 2011
    Hello I am new to this scene but i have an excellent idea for a android mmorpg i'm a writer so all story, backround,items, skills, classes, etc will be wrote by me i just need devs who can code and help make this a possibility.

    It will be a 2d mmorpg/fighting game. players will create characters along with creating their own class. even a characters skillls will be chosen by the character ie. players at level 5 will be able to select a skill like a beam attack, weapon attack, buff, debuff, summon, curse, etc. then after selecting the type of skill players are prompted to select the effect of the skill for example.

    (player reaches level 5)
    selects sword attack(as his skill)
    then the player selects the attribute or element of the attack.(fire,dark,holy,ice,wind etc.)

    this system will allow players to be unique in many ways it would be rare for any 2 players to have exactly the same skills.

    again it gets deeper..

    upon leveling up again the player is asked to create a new skill or improve the skill he already created.


    if you choose to improve your fire blade attack. increased damage would be given to that attack and later perhaps dot(damage over time)

    each element having its own improved attacks. example Holy having mana leech effects, dark having life leech effect, ice slow moving etc.

    each skill will be able to be upgraded 3 times

    first: increased damage
    second:add effect
    third: increased damage/increase effect

    enough about the skills now lets move on.

    the main focus of the game would be pvp so I would do away with the quest system. I would like players to have a sense of having thier own characters on their android(almost like a human pokemon if you will but with deeper character creation)

    so offline mode would allow you to battle against randomly generated cpu controlled opponents allowing you to level up and gain money for the in game shop. also boss battles offline would reward you with gems and gold but these battles would be a challenge for any warrior, then after you have bought items or leveled accordingly challenge your friends or other players online.

    combat would be turn based with a battle timer for each player faster characters who place alot of points in agi would have less time to wait to attack. also items would be limited in battle a character can only bring 5 items into battle with him chosen by the character.


    health potion
    mana potion
    auto revive(revive with 30% hp upon death)
    attack booster

    many items will be available.

    weapons would be swords 1h, swords 2h, dual swords, gauntlets(for mages who dont like staves...more magic damage with a mana penalty) bows, crossbows,staffs,rods, axes,hammers,mace,gloves,spear,throwing knives, shields. each with its own set of properties. also can add gem slots.

    customization. would include character hair,clothing changes with armor type,faces,etc.

    crafting. at the craft shop a character can spend mony to have the blacksmith make him a weapon, this weapon would be unique to players as they would be allowed to select the look of the blade and hilt or whatever weapon it may be then paying more gold you can add a slot to the weapon for gems. and once its all completed you can even name the weapon you created.

    trade. would like for players to be able to trade weapons,items,armor etc freely with no restriction.

    defense booster

    also if possible would like to add 2vs2 combat,tournaments, and guild wars(in the form of 1v.s1 tournament)rewards would go to the winner like
    a +1 to any stat item to the whole guild.(guilds limit 20 players)

    i would like startling animations, nice interface, and wifi compatible.

    if anyone is interested in joining me in this project please feel free to email me at tony_bogard69@yahoo.com or reply to this post and i will get back with you. looking for serious devs and artists to make this a reality it would be a great game and many android users are looking for something just like this.


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