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New myTouch 3G missing calls

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by omeyga, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. omeyga

    omeyga Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    New member, first post....Hi :)

    I have a new myTouch 3G that I purchased a week ago. Since switching to the myTouch i've been getting complaints from people that I don't answer my phone much. It seems as though (and this is very random...I can't isolate it to one set pattern) I am randomly having calls not actually ring on my phone. It doesn't seem to act as though my phone is off because they are getting many rings before being sent to VM. Also I never have any notification i've missed a call unless they leave VM. Even then I might not get the VM notification until i've actually made an outbound call myself. Last night I knew my mom had called for Christmas and I never received the call. I decided to send myself a text from another source....Never got the text - so I let it sit for 30 mins...nothing. But once I picked up the phone and made a call (which took a long time to connect) I mysteriously got the text from earlier and the notification of my moms VM.

    Anyone else have anything like this?

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  2. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member

    Have not had this ... but try a hot restart....

    1.) with the phone On and at home screen .. Pull the battery and SIM
    2.) Wait 4-5 minutes ...
    3.) Reinstall SIM and Battery ... restart Phone ...

    This procedure can cure many strange ills with a phone .

    If this doesn't work then I would suggest your do a Factory Reset ...

  3. tito_veneno

    tito_veneno Lurker

    Hey omeyga!

    I'm having the exact same problem you are having. I got my mytouch 3g about 3 days ago, and friends have been complaining about the same thing.

    Did you find a solution??
  4. omeyga

    omeyga Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    They think it was the Sim card. I got a new SIM and a new phone but they were pretty sure it was the Sim as the one i'd been using was at least 3 years old and was an older version.
  5. omeyga

    omeyga Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Well....this sucks. Same crapping issue with the new phone/sim card. On the line with Tmobile now and they've escallated it. The guy is saying they have this problem with 3G in some areas. Which sucks because I only got the phone because of 3G.
  6. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Extreme Android User

    wow, so what are they gonna do? partial service should be partial credit. i have had a few issues with missing text
  7. omeyga

    omeyga Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Got a super nice tech from Tmo on the phone right now. He seems to think it's the network and not the phone. He's going to follow up with me tomorrow.

    The secondary issue for me is that my 14-day return period runs out on Thursday. There is NO WAY i'll keep this phone or a $34.99 data plan if I can't have a reliable 3G connection that at the least allows me to receive calls from my friends/family.
  8. tito_veneno

    tito_veneno Lurker

    well, i've been experimenting to figure out when my phone does not receive calls by calling myself and so far these are the times calls don't come in:

    when a new song from pandora is loading,
    when an application is being downloaded from the market,
    when google maps is updating its location.

    so, my theory is that whenever the phone is receiving large amounts of data, calls dont come in.

    I'm going to T-Mobile tomorrow to see if i can figure out what's wrong and I'll let you know.

    Hope this helps.
  9. omeyga

    omeyga Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    If it helps your research any at all -

    I've had the problem even with my phone sitting right beside me with me not using it and it in sleep mode. I'll get the beep alerting me I have a VM (sometimes like 20 mins after the actual VM is left) and only then do I know i've missed a call. So in my case I know there is no huge data transfer going on.

    Today I don't believe I missed any calls. But just a bit ago I was in my basement and my phone started ringing upstairs....Typical - as i've had it with me all day waiting on Tmo to call me back. Needless to say I missed that call (but at least it rang). Anyways....took me about 4ish mins to get back up stairs and to my phone. I arrive to see no VM, just the missed call. I ran the number and it was a Tmo number. So I check my VM and only after I forced a VM sync did the message show up (which mirrors the problem I had yesterday when I got 2 VMs 30 mins apart but only received a VM notification on the last one).

    needless to say i'm growing extremely frustrated and while they are polite, i'm beginning to think the tmobile representatives don't know what they're doing. The guy that left the message was the most adept i've ever spoken to and his message was so long winded he ran out of VM box before he actually got to the technical part. None of the Tmo reps could connect me back with him and all I got was "you'll get a response on the escallation within 72 hours.

    ...in 36 hours my 14 day return ability will go away. Looks like i'll be taking this phone back and planning my transition away from Tmobile (barring some miracle). This is absolutely unacceptable as i've been the PERFECT tmobile customer for over 3 years. They always get their money on time, i've bought ringtones, accessories, phones (usually outright), and apps, and this is the thanks I get. The best they can do is tell me to take the phone back and rebuy it again....which would cost me $50 more thanks to a promotion going away. No way i'm going to stick myself with 2 years of this if that's what 3G is like.
  10. larryccf

    larryccf Well-Known Member

    i've been with TMO since 2002 and thru 4 phones, starting with a motorola startac, then 2 KRZRs and now this MT3G, the phones all exhibited the same behavior of occasionally not ringing when a call was incoming, whether i was on a call or not, and then holding the VM notification for 1/2 day to 3 or 4 days - sometimes it seemed like it was aging the messages like fine wine

    i've complained to TMO in the past but it seems to be in their msg notification system software, not in the phone

    just my 02
  11. omeyga

    omeyga Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeah....I'm taking this phone back. I've noticed a difference in the way i'm treated when i'm someone that could leave at any time vs. now when they think they have me locked into a 2 year contract.
  12. jcmrkting

    jcmrkting Lurker

    I know this is an old thread, but I just ran into this problem myself. Seemed to solve it by un-mounting the SD card, remove it, wait a few minutes, re-insert SD card. Phone has been working fine for two days now. weird.
  13. tRuE_pLaYaZ

    tRuE_pLaYaZ Lurker

    I experienced the same problem last week. Mytouch 3G was missing 80% of the calls. I called T-Mobile and we ended up restoring the phone to factory settings which deleted all the apps from the phone. Still it didn't fix the problem. Since it was under warranty they sent me a new phone. I hope I don't get the same problem again.

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