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new N7 crashes to lockscreen and wont unlock

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by djand, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. djand

    djand Newbie
    Thread Starter

    hi - so i got my son the 32Gb nexus 7 for xmas and first thing i did was update to 4.2.1 and then load the spiderman game but during the loading of the game it crashed to the lock screen ( which at first i thought it just timed out as usual ) but then when trying to unlock it it simply went black and then came back on at the lock screen again???

    now it keeps doing it all the time after random time periods? has any1 else seen this?

    is there an email address for Google support uk as I brought it from Littlewoods and they dont want anything to do with it - thinking of getting trading standards involved as why should i have to go to Google myself when i brought it from them


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  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique

    Have you tried a factory reset? Are you able to boot into the homescreen at all?
  3. jhsrennie

    jhsrennie Android Enthusiast

    If you press and hold the power button can you shut it down? If so this might fix the problem.

    As dreadnatty08 suggests, if you can get the N7 to turn off you can do a factory reset by holding down power, vol up and vol down.
  4. djand

    djand Newbie
    Thread Starter

    tried both the soft and factory resets and still it has the issue - i was hoping it was the 4.2.1 update but no1 else seems to have this issue.

    the tablet works fine sometimes for like an hour then it happens and other times it does it straight away
  5. CaseyK

    CaseyK Lurker

    My wife's new Nexus 7 does the same thing. It's working fine then all of a sudden the lock screen comes on and can't re-open it without re-booting. Also, we put on a case and when you set the Nexus on it's back on a table, the screen goes black. Pick up the device and touch the screen and it comes back on. Weird!!! Do you think we should return it for a new one? Still can do that at Staples.
  6. Teknologic

    Teknologic Android Expert

    The lock screen baffles me tbh, but the other stuff is most likely due to your case having a magnet, which triggers the N7 auto-wake/sleep when you fold it all the way back and put a little pressure on. Come to think of it, that could be why your lock screen comes on as well. No idea about having to reboot tho.

    @djand since you only tried installing one game yet and that's when it crashed, just do a factory reset, there's a very high chance it'll fix everything and you haven't really got any data to lose anyway.
    Edit: nvm I see you tried that already. Uhm.. Do you by any chance... have a magnetic case? :eek:
  7. djand

    djand Newbie
    Thread Starter

    No magnet in the case and it did it before I even put a case on it too? I think these need to go back, staples should be ok but having trouble with littlewoods. Doesn't seem like a common issue.

    Ours wake when the case opens which I always thought was the front face cam detecting motion?
  8. Teknologic

    Teknologic Android Expert

    Nope, if it's asleep the cam can't be enabled, it's a magnet in the cover waking it up.
  9. djand

    djand Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok so I'm sure there is no magnet in the case as its not that kind of design but I've took the nexus out of it and touch wood it's been fine all day. I'm going to put it back in the case and see if it plays up again once charged and let u know. I'll try detect any magnet too by putting the case against some metal.
  10. djand

    djand Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok the case does have a magnet. Who would have thought. I'm sure that's what's causing the issue. Great advise thanks. I'll still try with case on and see a it later on
  11. Teknologic

    Teknologic Android Expert

    No problem, I recognised the behaviour since I have a case with magnetic wake/lock too. It's quite a useful feature if it's implemented right, but magnet too strong or cover too thin can cause more trouble then it's worth :)

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