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I'm coming from a GSII and you had the option to turn on/off 4G by pulling down the menu or going into settings. I do not see that option in the Note II, or am I missing something? The Note II is 4GLTE capable correct?


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Sprint Note 2? If so try Settings->More Settings->Mobile Networks->Network Mode. Then CDMA would be 3G only

^^ That should work


Sorry for the stupid question guys.

Not a stupid question at all. I came from an EVO3D where I had the quick toggle option to switch (Wimax-not quite 4G). Having Wimax/4G on was a battery killer. So having the quick toggle option seemed necessary. With the Galaxy Note 2 I'd suggest keeping 4G on. At least to me, there seems to be no difference in battery life (or maybe the battery is that beastly??) Also, if you are in SF the Sprint 4G service is spotty, and slow in comparison to other carriers


okay so ill tell my story..
i was coming from the razr maxx hd on verizon..nice phone..but it started to lag..A LOT!
so i gave in last week and got a note 2. i was impressed with the huge screen and all the features. then come to today when i thought the screen was "too big" so i exchanged it for the s4. i had this phone a whopping 3 hours and with the standard 50% battery the phone comes with right out of the box i thought i was good until i got home.
started using google maps and i started to notice the s4 getting really hot. so hot to where i could feel the heat even with a phone case on. and my battery then dropped to less than 10%.
this wasn't good for me, and i called vzw and they allowed me to take my phone back in and get a brand new note 2 again.
so what can i say, i don't see why i ever chose to get a s4 for an exchange. i am glad they allowed me to go back to the note 2. i don't think i can ever go back to a smaller phone ever again! so pleased!


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Like every one said, leaving 4G on well be minimal. The only exception well be when there is no 4G signal. There will be a noticeable increase in consumption, and you will feel the phone heat up. If this happens I just turn data off.

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^^ Yea minimal battery life difference with 4G on with current phones the chipsets & radios are real efficient now
That's provided you have a good consistent, strong signal. If you have a poor signal, then the battery life will suffer. That's why some prefer switching to 3G/HSPA+ networks because they may have a stronger signal and less battery draining compared with a very weak 4G/LTE network that will hit the battery hard.

When idle and not using LTE data network, battery is still great. But use the data network heavily and you'll see a good chunk of the battery gone within an hour of use. LTE is still a good battery killer with consistent use.