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Hi Mate,

Padsall is new member in this great community hope you are fine and enjoying stay here.I want to know forum using steps hope you will share with me..
Hi...please be patient with me..:)...I love this app...lots of great tips and Information...does anyone know anything about application Stubbs for Motorola moto g phones? Not sure if I need them all and can I delete as they take up alot of space...
OK when u go under your applications in your phone...application Stubbs come up and it takes ALOT of space up...are u familiar with this? It says some u can delete but some u can't and I just don't know which ones I can and cant delete


Android Expert
Welcome all of you! Any apps you don't want to delete are system apps! We have a forum specific to your device you can post in there and they should be able to assist! If you have any questions feel free to ask! Enjoy your time!