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New OTA update tomorrow **PLEASE READ**

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wake69, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns!

    Based on this article, the update fixes:

    calendar event edit issue
    multiple gmail account sync
    30 FPS
    GPS reboot

    Uncapping FPS is huge in my book. The other major fix is the GPS reboot. That is what was causing 911 calls not to go through. GPS gets enabled before the call is made, and the phone reboots. It doesn't affect a lot of people, but 911 HAS TO WORK for everyone.

    Sprint outs EVO 4G and Hero updates, EVO framerate cap might be solved -- Engadget


  2. khoff

    khoff Newbie

    In case anyone missed it in the General section, the OTA is now live. I am installing it now.
  3. Chatzvr4

    Chatzvr4 Newbie

    Can I update after using unrevoked 3.21
  4. beezy

    beezy Newbie

    I don't know if its because of root or not but mine wouldn't let me install the update. It showed up when I checked so I downloaded it to try it out but when I tried to apply it the process just stopped. It shut off and came back on with the white screen with the evo logo then went to the black screen with the box and arrow like it was updating but when the progress bar got about half way it stopped and went to a triangle with an ! In it and a little android next to it and froze there.I had to pull the battery and try again, but the same thing happened.
  5. irwinm

    irwinm Guest

    same issue with me - running the stock ROM but rooted with Unrevoked 3.21 - may be an issue with the clockwork mod recovery - don't know but it doesn't work. Going to flash the rooted version from xda.
  6. KirkH420

    KirkH420 Lurker

    I just did the unRevoked3.2.1 one click root This morning at about 3am. This was awesome by the way. I did a full Nandroid backup and began going down the list of safe Bloatware to remove and went to bed after. Woke up and my phone has a notification "Ongoing - System update (paused). Scared the sh*t out of me at first. When I click on the notification, it says Downloading is paused because Wi-Fi connection was lost. OTA_Supersonic_3.29.651-5-3.26.651.6_release8yp9szc4r5dsdg85.zip And it gives me the option buttons of "ok" or "cancel."

    My question is; if I go ahead with the update, will my Nandroid backup of my Freshly unRevoked3.2.1 root have the ability to restore the phone back to before I installed the update?
  7. dark

    dark Newbie

    Yes, I've done it on my evo, none issues since day 4. Same method to rooting it.
  8. DucatiDude

    DucatiDude Well-Known Member

    I am running the new Fresh ROM and I am on 3.29.651.5. It had the new Kernel with FPS unlock.
  9. KirkH420

    KirkH420 Lurker

    So I'm still going to have to Root it again after the Nandroid restore? This isn't a problem, I just want to know what work I have laid out for me.
  10. KirkH420

    KirkH420 Lurker

    I chose to decline the OTA download/update. So I wouldn't have to reroot. I just wiped my system and flashed Fresh-evo- which comes with Base: Supersonic 3.29.651.5. So far so good. My EVO is still rooted (unrevoked3.2.1) and now has an updated Superuser app. I also installed the updated Radio.img version and PRI 1.77._003. My EVO now averages 53 FPS on a Nova Screen.

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  11. chrisco_kid

    chrisco_kid Newbie

    actually when i updated last week (trying to stop random reboots) it was a 3.29.651 update and it was from OTA, how odd?

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