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Apr 30, 2013
Sin State
I try to install the ota that recently been going around, and it does it's thing in the boot screen,

ClockWork Mod Recovery v6.0.2.7
Finding update package...
Opening update package...
Verifying update package...
E:failed to verify whole-life signature
E:signature verification failed

but then asks if I wanna install an untrusted zip. So, I decline that and just boot up like normal. Should I install it?
No, I know that, I've got it rooted and all that. But an ota has been popping up and that what happens whens I try to install it. Asks if I want to install an untrusted zip. Wondering if I should install it? Cuz when I 'deny' (click 'go back' and reboot) it, it notifies me of the update again shortly after.
It's trying to update you from b11 to b13. The easiest way is to flash one of the b13 roms since you already have cwm.
Gotcha. Was gonna dl your b13 deodexed and flash that on top of your b11 deodexed one I'm running now. In which, the whole system seems to be running really slow the past few weeks. I gotta push a 'button' a couple times, usually, before it'll go to that app or destination.