May 19, 2011
Recently got my new android phone and it randomly connects with things ive since found out are called EDGE, HSDPA and GPRS.

I was wondering what these actually were?
These refer to your internet connection over the cell network...the acronyms are just different versions of the internet connection technology that your phone supports.

GPRS is very slow. Known as 2G
EDGE is faster but still not really quick. Was sometimes referred to as 2.5G
HSDPA - is fast and can support up to 14.4mbps download speeds but it depends on various factors what speed you actually do get. This is 3G, or 3.5G for the faster implementations.
There's an upgrade to this called HSPA+ that some network providers are incorrectly calling 4G.
The newest and fastest technology is LTE - this is 'proper' 4G.
excellent thanks alot for that :0 i had an idea they were net/connection things but not what was best and why they changed lol.
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