New Phone on Boost


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Anyone get this phone yet??? I see it on Boost for $299 now. I will get it if it can be rooted for sure. At least to delete all the crap I don't want.
If the kernel and rom developers can do anything... then all the better.
I have been looking for one locally since it was announced. Looks like Radio Shack is not stocking it. Asked at Best Buy, since it was on thier website, and the fellow I asked said he had never heard of the phone. Even the local Boost Mobile store didn't have it. Looks like I'll have to wait a while longer for one. Hope you have better luck finding one than I have had.


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I have seen one video so far on Youtube. This phone is my next ! Large battery + Led button notification + HD + nfc = win for me !

Ill wait for the price to go down since Boost will probably give it a deal in 3 weeks :p


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The one thing I love about this phone is how it is almost identicle to the S3 on paper but is $100 cheaper. If this phone has wifi direct and NFC than im definetly buying it!!
Well, it looks as if Best Buy has it available in their stores, at least in my area. So says their website. Time for a visit and a look see.
i have the F7. ive had it for two days now i like it but having issues finding a way to root it...... im gonna try motochopper and/or oneclick tonight