New phone (Turbo)..or


Or should I get a new battery for my very functional and dependent Bionic??
"But Brits, its almost four years and the Droid Turbo is so pretty and and..Fast!!".


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Is the Bionic still functional and able to do everything you need in a phone, or is there a feature you need/want that the DROID Turbo has?


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ya it depends on you. If you dont want a new phone and the bionic is what you want than keep it but if you want a new phone the turbo is a great choice
I always suggest ... go to the dealer, pick up the phone in question and handle it. You will know in 10 seconds if it is right for you.

If you don't know ... don't buy it.

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Overall the Bionic works fine except for the battery and some freezing from time to time. I am thinking of a factory reset and clear out some of my storage. I just cant justify upgrading because besides the speed and battery I am not sure if there is much else on the new phones.
I am on the unlimited data plan so I would have to buy a new phone outright and that's a hefty sum.
Just trying to be sensible about this.


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I don't know how well the bionic aged but my RAZR did not stand the rest of time. Physically it's great but has software issues. Done all resets, clearing, etc. And it's still junk. My droid x was a better phone.

I paid full price for the turbo and a week later have no regrets. For about an hour after I got it I was questioning myself but I just reminded myself how shitty my RAZR was running.