Oct 1, 2011
I currently have the ZTE Warp. Its taken a good beating over the last 9 months. I'm looking to upgrade to a newer model. What's the best bank for my Buck??
i call boos this week 11 times about my internet is less then 10 kpbs and upload is 900 kpbs is so bad i dont recomend no one to get boost going back to vz the best never habe any isue u get what u pay for bye boost wors expirience ever
Galaxy S2 is easily the best phone on Boost
Just be aware that the S2 has a poor quality radio as well as some firmware issues. The phones suffer from Lost Of Service even though you may be standing right next to the tower. It will just die out over time, sending calls to voice mail w/o the owner knowing it. There is actually a program you can install that will automatically reboot the phone every certain period of time. I have a S2 and while it does work just fine at home it does not while traveling or in places where my previous Sprint (Touch Pro 2) had no issues. Plus this phone has no service in my resort room where my previous Sprint phone had no issues and keep in mine this is w/o letting the Sprint phone roam. In fact, the phone is so bad i will need to replace it before our next vacation. A phone that does not work where I need it is of no value, imho. If you see my other thread about this i have linked 5 other articles/posts that discuss this issue. Not saying the one you get won't be perfect, just letting you know the issue exists in the product line. And from what i have read the S and S3 are also showing the same problems. Maybe consider a different manufacturer. I have had terrific luck with my past HTC phones. Good luck.